Fall is just around the corner.  For many bulldoggers in the U.S., this means cooler temperatures and a return to school for the kiddos (however weird the setup might be).  And…the sudden appearance of all things pumpkin-flavored 🎃!

You’re pulling the sweaters out of storage and brainstorming Halloween costumes for the whole family (including your dog, duh).

You’re enjoying getting outside without immediately breaking a sweat. And if you’re working toward wellness goals, you might also be getting into online yoga for beginners


So… Why should I explore online yoga for beginners this fall?


Well, here’s the thing…

If yoga is new for you, you’ve probably wondered if you could find the right time to give it a shot.  Maybe you’ve kind of just been waiting around for the ideal moment? Unless there’s something more specific holding you back from doing beginner yoga at home, you’re basically just looking for the Universe or your best friend or your favorite Instagram influencer to tell you to go for it. 


Guess what? This is us telling you to go for it!

Fall is an amazing time to try something new… and that includes online yoga for beginners. When you were growing up, fall meant a new classroom, new teachers, and new friends. And this season is symbolic for new beginnings even for adults!

Most of the time, the transition to fall means new shows to watch, a new athletic season to cheer for, a new schedule that offers possibilities for healthier habits and more self care


So why shouldn’t it also mean getting into beginner yoga at home? 

That’s right, bulldoggers — thanks to the accessibility and approachability of online yoga classes through bulldog online, this fall is a perfectly convenient time to start online yoga for beginners, regardless of where you are or what your current routine looks like… 

Are you still in quarantine, only leaving the house for absolute essentials?

We’ve got you covered. You can access online yoga for beginners from the comfort of your living room, basement, bedroom, home office… you catch our drift!

All you need is a device to stream on and enough space to move through some beginner yoga poses at home. 

Just be careful that you don’t injure yourself!

online for for the fall season

Rememer the kids but don’t forget about yourself!

Are you suddenly responsible for teaching your kids via remote learning?

Those hours are long. You’re probably exhausted by the end — but you want to take care of yourself, too! You can take an online yoga class before the kids wake up, while they’re working on assignments independently, or after they’ve gone to bed.

Some yoga beginner classes are as short as twelve or thirteen minutes, so you can really make the most of the pockets of time you have to reap the health benefits of online yoga for beginners.

(Plus, online yoga for kids is pretty awesome.)



Are you feeling bummed about the end of summer? We get it. But beginner yoga at home has been proven to boost happiness, which should give you the extra boost of motivation you’re looking for. 


No matter your routine or schedule, online yoga for beginners really can find a place in your life. And you’ll be glad you made that place for it, because there are plenty of benefits to hitting the mat for some beginner yoga poses at home. We’ve shared the health benefits of yoga with you many times, but there are a few that seem extra important at this time of year. Let’s focus on those…


  • Better sleep — According to Harvard Health, 55% of people in a national survey said that yoga helped them to sleep better. Getting into a regular yoga practice changes the way you breathe.  It also helps you get more in touch with your body.  This can lead to improved sleep quality and patterns. With everything you have going on this fall, you need that sleep 💤. Online yoga for beginners can help you get it!
  • Stress management — Did we mention everything you have going on this fall? Yeah… it can feel like a lot! As exciting as the promise of a new season may be, it may also have you feeling overwhelmed. That’s where beginner yoga at home comes in. Per the Mayo Clinic, multiple studies have shown that yoga reduces stress and anxiety. Wouldn’t it be nice to embrace the potential chaos of the fall without feeling so stressed out? A little online yoga for beginners might do the trick. 



  • Improved mood — Reduced stress and anxiety is great, but don’t you also want to feel better about your interactions with your loved ones, to be excited to get out of bed in the morning? Online yoga for beginners may very well be the perfect thing to boost your mood. According to UC Santa Cruz, beginner yoga poses at home improve circulation in the endocrine glands, enhancing the function of hormones that play a primary role in depression. In the process, depression is reduced and overall mood improves. Yes, please!
  • Stronger immune system — With fall comes cold and flu season — not to mention the pandemic we’re managing — and we’d bet big money that you’re in the market for ways to make your immune system as strong as possible. Along with a healthy diet and plenty of rest, Harvard Health recommends exercise as a key element for immunity. And online yoga for beginners is most definitely exercise!
  • Better posture — Over the past few months, you’ve likely spent more time indoors and sitting down than you have in previous summers, but still — you’ll probably be hunkered down at your desk or on the couch even more in the fall. And you don’t want your posture to suffer! Doing plenty of beginner yoga poses at home will help avoid the aches and pains that come with poor posture. Per the University of Rochester Medical Center, online yoga for beginners supports good posture by strengthening and opening tight areas of the body like your shoulders and upper back muscles. 


You’re into it. You want to get into online yoga for beginners! What next? 

Grab your go-to device and start exploring our online class offerings. Our Activate classes, in particular, might be a great place to start. Activate classes have a slower flow than some of the alternatives. So, you can really learn the ropes of basic beginner yoga poses at home. 

If you want to take an extra step with online yoga for beginners, you might also want to check out an online yoga challenge for fall. Workout challenges have been proven to keep people motivated to achieve their wellness goals. They also provide helpful structure to a workout routine and make exercise more social and fun.

Find other people who are interested in online yoga for beginners and see if they want to join a challenge with you! You’ll be that much more motivated to chase those goals, whether you’re looking to build strength, maintain your weight, or simply shake up your exercise regimen. 

Bulldoggers, we want you to have the best fall ever. Online yoga for beginners can be part of that! Grab your yoga mat (and your PSL because, well, fall) and get moving.

Fall Guide to Online Yoga for Beginners