The benefits of music for yoga exercise

Everyone has their best workout songs. Think jams that get you out the door when you’re leaning toward skipping a sweat sesh. Or, maybe, the playlist that kicks a workout into high gear. 

The right music can make all the difference to your fitness game. And guess what? It’s not just because you’re listening to music you like! When it comes to power yoga (and other high-power, cardio-driven exercises), there are actually proven yoga workout music benefits. 

That’s right, Bulldoggers — there’s proof out there that the right music can support your yoga workout motivation!

And also help you have the best workout ever. 

Sounds like you’re about to have more reason than ever to blast your top yoga workout playlist! Turn. Up. The. Volume.

“What are these proven yoga workout music benefits of which you speak?” you’re probably asking, as you start bopping your head to your best workout songs (because it’s never too early to get the vibe right for a fitness session). Okay, okay, okay — we’ll fill you in…


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Listening to music when you workout (including yoga) has real benefits!


Here are some of the proven benefits of listening to music while working out

Let’s start with something a little more general. Yes, there are specific yoga workout music benefits, but music can benefit your health in a lot of ways! We know this because the experts at Harvard Health say so.  We guess that means we should all probably crank up the speakers a bit before starting an at-home workout :)!  If you’re trying to reach your wellness goals, you might as well set a healthy baseline with your ambience, right?


According to Harvard Health,

“Music has been proven to decrease stress levels, to improve brain function, and to boost mood.”


Music can also improve cardiovascular health by slowing down your heart rate, lowering your blood pressure, and reducing those pesky stress hormones. Basically, if your yoga workout motivation (or motivations!) has anything to do with improving your physical or mental health (well, duh), adding music in the background of your practice may give you an extra push in the right direction. 

If simply listening to music when you’re not working out can offer a slew of health benefits, imagine how awesome the yoga workout music benefits are. Especially because a power yoga session is such an awesome workout to begin with! 


Yoga Workout Music - Works great outside too!


Music for Pain Management

One of the things that can curb yoga workout motivation is our fear of being in pain. If you’re a yoga beginner, you might be especially concerned about this, since you may not be prepared for the discomfort that can come with pushing yourself physically. We can’t guarantee that a top yoga workout playlist — or even your personal best workout songs — will eliminate those concerns completely. We can, however,  tell you about some studies that prove music’s ability to decrease pain. 


Per a 2013 study:

Playing music can be an effective way to support pain management. In a challenging yoga class, it’s normal to experience some aches and pains, so pain reduction definitely qualifies as a yoga workout music benefit. Next time you’re smack in the middle of an especially difficiult core sequence, you can focus on your handy top yoga workout playlist and lose some of that discomfort.


It’s science! 


Music to Improve Memory

Also on the list of yoga workout music benefits is music’s ability to improve memory. We’ve all been smack in the middle of a workout class when we suddenly find ourselves lost in the moment and just a little unsure of what movement we’re supposed to do next. What comes next in this flow? Why is everyone going so fast? Is it possible I’ve forgotten the difference between Warrior I and Warrior II? Yikes! 

It happens to the best of us. We’re not here to judge.

The good news is that playing your favorite workout jams (as well as listening to music when you’re not on your mat) can support memory.  That means you’ll find yourself caught in these moments less frequently. In one study, people learning a new language were more likely to remember words and phrases shortly after their lesson when those lessons involved music.

You can apply this same logic to a yoga class! If that study is any indication, jamming to a top yoga workout playlist while you flow should help you retain the names of poses from one class to the next — a yoga workout music benefit that is bound to be especially helpful for yoga newbies. 


Beginner Yoga


Other studies have honed in more directly on the advantages of listening to music while you exercise. Of course, some of the yoga workout music benefits come from those studies. 


Music can help you workout longer

For example, one 2009 study from the U.K. set up participants on a treadmill until they reached full exhaustion. People who were listening to music (of various types) during their workout were able to exercise for longer periods of time before burning out than people who didn’t have music. They also reported feeling better while exercising. (Let’s get real: you’re going to have a lot more yoga workout motivation if you know you’re going to feel better during your flow!)

Other yoga workout music benefits were put to the test in another study from the University of Wisconsin. In this study, researchers monitored oxygen consumption levels on a group of people working out on stationary bikes to different tempos of background music. Were they tuning into a top yoga workout playlist? We’ll never know.

What we do know from the study results is that people who listened to music with a faster beat that were more aligned with their movement were able to use oxygen more efficiently. People listening to slower tunes were not able to breathe as efficiently. There you have it, Bulldoggers — another yoga workout music benefit. 

Now that we’ve covered all the science of music and exercise, let’s just cut to the chase.

Listening to an incredible playlist also makes a yoga workout — or any workout, really — so much more fun.

When you have your best workout songs to keep you motivated, you won’t feel discouraged when the going gets tough and you’ll be excited to jump into another session later on. This will keep you on track with your wellness goals for the long haul! 


For more great info on the benefits of music while working out, check out our YouTube video on this very topic! 😳🙌


Are you all set to go with your yoga workout motivation?

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