Tricks are treats!  Some ideas for creating your best New Year’s resolutions 🎉.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… and we’re not even talking about the December holiday season! Nope! For us, it’s all about ringing in the new year — with good friends, fireworks, champagne, and taking some time to set your best new year’s resolutions!


New Year's Resolutions


New Year’s is Just Around the Corner, Bulldoggers!

We know you want to make it the very best it can be. Kick off your new year by creating a list of ambitious and attainable goals.

Just keep scrolling for all the details on how to set the best New Year’s resolutions for 2020. 


  1. Keep your list of resolutions small. 

You’re excited about the new year and all of the possibilities it offers to make some really good stuff happen. We are, of course, very into the idea of thinking big.

But here’s another thing we’re very into: helping you to set yourself up for success! And, unfortunately, if you take on too many goals at the same time, you just might find yourself tempted to quit on them earlier than you would otherwise.

According to IFL Science:

One of the reasons that people most frequently bail on their New Year’s resolutions is that they don’t start the year with enough focus.

If you’re serious about accomplishing your resolutions, you’re better off choosing one or two priority resolutions that you really feel will benefit your life overall. Don’t try to do everything at once. 

If upping your fitness game is going to make the biggest difference in your life, make a resolution around adding more full body workouts to your routine.

If, on the other hand, you think you’ll benefit most by reconnecting with family members, reprioritize quality time with loved ones among your New Year’s resolutions. You can always restart with another goal later in the year if your list of intentions is longer. 


  1. It’s best to jump in with both feet.


According to a University of Chicago study cited in The Washington Post, college students focused on building on their exercise routine improved their overall fitness more in the long run when they had incentive to do a month’s worth of extremely high exercise activity immediately.

You can apply this in your own life and New Year’s resolution-setting by going hard on your goals starting in January.

Yes, if you want to make lasting changes in your lifestyle, you’re going to need to be consistent with executing on your goals day in and day out all year long, but if jumping in with both feet right off the bat will also help, why wouldn’t you? 

Dive into the new habits and routines you’re committed to come January and February with a little extra excitement – It will pay off later in the year. 


  1. Don’t overcommit. 

We’ve already talked about focusing your list of New Year’s resolutions on just one or two goals, but another way to ensure that you can actually achieve what you set out to do is to take the time upfront to think seriously about whether or not your resolutions are realistic. 

How can you do this? Think about your resolutions in terms of specific, actionable steps. What things will you actually have to do on a daily basis in order to get closer to your larger goals?

If, for example, you want to feel stronger, you may want to make time for more arm workouts. If you want to get more adventurous, you may want to prioritize planning more trips in the new year. 

Once you have a better handle on the actionable steps you’ll need to take to achieve the resolutions you’re considering for 2020, you can get real about whether or not there’s actually time in your schedule or daily routine to pull that off.

That way, you can set yourself up to be successful, even as you set out to be the best version of you. 


  1. Think about your best new year’s resolutions in terms of the affirmative, not the negative. 

Per Psychology Today, our brains respond better to resolutions built around doing something, not not doing something. This means that even if you have “bad” habits that you want to kick in the new year, you should word your goals in the affirmative

Want to eat healthier? Think “more greens!” instead of “no sweets!”

Want to lay off the screen time? Think “read more!” instead of “no TV!”

Your brain can process and work toward achieving your New Year’s resolutions more effectively when they’re structured this way. How cool is that? 


  1. Recruit an accountability partner. 

best new year's resolutions - recruit an accountability buddy

They say that there’s strength in numbers, and that’s very true when it comes to staying on track with your New Year’s resolutions. After all, if you want to achieve your goals, it helps to have people actually know about them so that they can support you — and give you some tough love when you’re not following through. 

As you think through your goals for the new year, think about who in your life might be best suited to help hold you accountable for each one.

Entrepreneur defines an accountability partner as:

“Someone who has committed to helping you reach a goal.”

It’s really that simple! You will, however, want to make sure that the person you choose to be your accountability partner is comfortable communicating openly with you and has the bandwidth to stay on top of your New Year’s resolution progress.


  1. Build in a reward system to your resolutions! 

New Year's Resolutions - create a reward system

No matter how motivated you are, you might find yourself feeling discouraged in the pursuit of your New Year’s resolution at some point between January and next December. You’re only human!

Get ahead of those potentially low moments by making a plan now to reward yourself for the small wins that happen along the way.

We all deserve to treat ourselves, especially if we’re working hard toward meeting a goal.

Figure out what kinds of rewards will work best to keep you motivated. If you love to shop, promise yourself a new workout outfit after several weeks of consistent yoga workouts at home. If you have a sweet tooth, commit to a delicious ice cream sundae on a weekly basis, as long as you’re also eating more veggies.

With these kinds of treats built in along the way, you’ll be less likely to quit on your big goals when the going gets tough or when you don’t see progress in the process.  


Want to make the best New Year’s resolutions of 2020?

Don’t forget to follow these 6 tricks.

  1. Focus on one or two goals that will make the biggest impact on your life (maybe some yoga online?). Overdo it and you might set yourself up to fail.
  2. Jump in to those new commitments! Kicking off the year with lots of energy around your goals will ensure longer term success, too.
  3. Think about what specific tasks will come with each of your resolutions, then be sure that those tasks are realistic within your daily routine.
  4. Set your New Year’s resolutions about things that you want to do, not things that you want to not do.
  5. Bring an accountability buddy into the mix. When someone is there to support you and keep you on track, you’re more likely to make progress.
  6. Treat yourself! Celebrating small wins on the way to achieving your big goals will keep you motivated and ensure that you don’t quit early.

In order to stick to these suggestions, you might find that your New Year’s resolutions require a little bit more planning than usual, but trust the process. With some extra strategy, your goals can be more meaningful and motivating than ever!

PJ image: Thought Catalog/Unsplash; Writing image: Ana Juma/Unsplash; Ice cream image: David Calavera/Unsplash

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